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Performance Plus Quick Lube offers the highest quality Quaker State synthetic blend motor pils with our standard full service oil change which include a new filter and a multiple-point inspection. More than just an oil change; we do transmission fluid changes; coolant/antifreeze exchanges; fuel filters; serpentine belt replacement and differential fluid service with high quality lubricants. Qualified technicians will examine your vehicle's fluids and filters, adjust levels if necessary and inform you of any service(s) that may be due. Your tire pressure will be adjusted to insure the best fuel economy as well as the reduction of tire wear. Under carriage inspections will be reported to educate you as to the condition of your vehicle. Our goal is that you leave knowing as much as we do about your vehicle as to the recommendations from the manufacturer and what we observe.

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Performance Plus
5929 W. US HWY 10
Ludington MI 49431
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